A Reputable Dog Training Service for Your Pawed Buddy

Do you get awakened by your dog’s frequent barking in the middle of the night?

 Does he cause mischief and exhibits unruly behavior? Does she have the habit of pulling on the leash when you are going for a walk? These are some concerns that are often encountered by dog owners. But these things can be corrected by training your dog. You should make sure that you send your pawed friend to a reputable dog training service. In Marj the Dog Trainer you will never go wrong. We have been in this business for the last 4 decades. Our clients and their dogs are satisfied with our service.

Here in Marj the Dog Trainer, we believe that the only way to train dogs is the humane way. Hurting your best buddy wouldn’t help them. That is why the people in the Tulsa, OK area choose us as their dog trainers. We have basic and advance courses for dogs that need their wrong habits corrected. We find out the causes of their wrong habits and modify them. We understand that there is a reason why a dog acts in a certain way. Part of our dog training service is training scared puppies and building their confidence. This way, they will grow into dogs that would be a protector for you and your household.

We take pride in the quality of dog trainers and assistants that we have. Aside from being dog lovers, we also have the passion to be able to train every dog. We take care of your dogs like they are ours, ensuring that they will come out of their training far better than before. Our training approach is versatile. We enforce boundaries on unwanted behaviors and reward the desired ones. We also involve the owners on our training since you play a big part of their change. Our time-tested methods will help you live a great life with your beloved dog.

To ensure that your furry best friend will be on his behavior all the time, entrust their dog training service to the best. With a mix of dog-loving training and great techniques, Marj the Dog Trainer is your best choice. We have kept that good reputation in the Tulsa, OK area for more than 40 years, too. You may contact us for any questions or appointment requests. Call us now at (918) 504-1764.

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