The Length of Time Needed for a Dog Trainer to Train a Service Dog

If you need to have a service dog and you have already found a reputable dog training agency, you will most probably have one main question in your mind. How long will it take for an experienced dog trainer to train such a dog? Well, we will try to provide you with the answer below.

The factors that influence on the length of time you need for a service dog to be trained are:

  • How old is your dog? The age of your canine friend matters a lot. If you have a puppy, it will need approximately 6 months to learn some basic rules and commands. The older your pet, the more time he will need to socialize and learn the basics. Young dogs’ temperament implies faster learning abilities.

  • How much training does it have so far? If your little adorable furry friend already has good manners and knows how to behave in public, it will take less time to turn him into the ideal service dog.

  • Does it have any serious behavioral issues? As you can imagine, a pet with behavioral problems will be much more difficult to train. They may act aggressively toward toys, other dogs, and even unfamiliar people, dog training service providers explain. More often that not, animals with various behavioral problems should not become service dogs.

  • How quickly does your pet learn? Well, that will depend on your dog’s temperament and skills. Some dogs are extremely easy to work with as they are flexible and resilient, and they have a great stamina and want to learn many commands.

  • How skilled and experienced is your dog trainer? Last but definitely not least, the skills and training of the experts you have hired matter as well. If you are working with an unprofessional agency, the process will take much longer.

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