Effective Dog Therapy Session Through Our Trained Dogs

Dogs are popularly referred as “man’s best friend”.

Among all kinds of animals, the dogs are the most popular pets. Both dogs and humans have a therapeutic effect on each other. A soothing touch and a gentle voice would encourage a dog to trust a man. And a dog’s warm body can also lower the blood pressure in humans. This is why dog therapy is found to be very effective. Marj the Dog Trainer offers this services to hospitals, institutions, and individuals in Tulsa, OK.

Our dogs are rescued from shelters and other rescue groups. They have gone through training with our experienced trainers. We have used our time-tested approach in dog training to ensure safety and security as we provide dog therapy services. Some of these dogs have a rough start, but with our training, they are able to turn around well. The love and affection that they get while they are trained made them affectionate as well. That is the reason why they are very effective in every therapy session.

The dogs also receive the utmost care by placing them in a well-provided facility. We understand the environment plays a great role in a dog’s life. For them to be effective in giving therapy to people, they must always be in the best condition all the time. Our dogs help different types of people. They are trained to visit nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, hospice facilities, mental health facilities, courtrooms, and more. This means that they interact with people from different age levels and backgrounds. We also make sure that they are accompanied in every visit.

To ensure the dogs that we send are ready, they have complete paperwork. They have their Canine Good Citizen titles from American Kennel Club. For your dog therapy needs, Marj the Dog Trainer has the best dogs in the Tulsa, OK area. Give us a call and we will give you the best dog that would help you go through tough times. Call us now at (918) 504-1764.

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