Dog Board and Train Expert Explains

When we say, you should contact a proficient dog trainer to teach your puppy to say: “Excuse me, would you let me go outside to urinate?”, we are joking, of course. Many pet owners become very frustrated when they see the distinctive yellow spots on their floors or carpets. But can my dog be taught to ask to go outside when he needs to do his job, you would ask. Here is some important information provided by a dog board and train professional:

Since animals and humans don’t have a common language, they need to find another way to communicate. Of course, there are professional trainers who can teach pets different behaviors and reactions. Usually, they use short sentences, such as “come here, sit, get me the ball,” etc. Dogs are very clever and intelligent animals. They can learn just about anything with the appropriate training technique and treats, of course. To teach your dog to “tell” you when it needs to go out, an expert will establish a routine for going outside. While your puppy is on a leash, you can ask him to sit by the door, and once you open it, you can say: “Let’s go!”

You can walk him around the lawn to his toilet and swiftly say: “Go pee and poop!” You can also prepare a few treats for your lovely puppy beforehand. By doing this several times a day, you will be surprised by the quick results. Simply repeat the procedure with little patience and persistence, and soon, your adorable dog will automatically sit by the door waiting for you to open it and tell him the magic words. After he has done his job, you can say: “Good dog!” and give him his favorite food.

If you find it too difficult to teach your furry friend this simple technique, you are not alone. Marj the Dog Trainer will get the job done right the first time. Let our caring dog board and train professionals teach your canine friends good manners and behavior. We are in Tulsa, OK and reachable at (918) 504-1764.


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