How Long Does It Take for a Professional to Train a Service Dog?

The Length of Time Needed for a Dog Trainer to Train a Service Dog

If you need to have a service dog and you have already found a reputable dog training agency, you will most probably have one main question in your mind. How long will it take for an experienced dog trainer to train such a dog? Well, we will try to provide you with the answer below. (more…)

How Can You Teach Your Puppy to “Tell” You when It Needs to “Go”?

Dog Board and Train Expert Explains

When we say, you should contact a proficient dog trainer to teach your puppy to say: “Excuse me, would you let me go outside to urinate?”, we are joking, of course. Many pet owners become very frustrated when they see the distinctive yellow spots on their floors or carpets. But can my dog be taught to ask to go outside when he needs to do his job, you would ask. Here is some important information provided by a dog board and train professional: (more…)

Does Your Dog Have Problems?

Do You Need to Invest in Good Dog Therapy?

It’s a fact, the majority of the pet owners say their adorable pets have behavioral issues. If you think your dog has some bad habits, you have no other choice but to turn to a professional dog trainer. Here are several signs your pet needs dog therapy: (more…)

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