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Is your household suffering from your neighbor’s inability to find a reliable trainer for his ever barking 4-pawed friend? Do you want to help him get the help he needs? Or perhaps your friends got you a beautiful puppy for your birthday and you’d like to have a professional involved in its learning process? Whichever the case, the experienced dog trainer you are looking for in Tulsa, OK is waiting for you (and your dog) at Marj the Dog Trainer!

About Our Services

With years in the industry, today we are the go-to dog training company for a variety of services including basic and advanced training courses, aggressive and service dogs, dog board and train programs, walking on a leash, professional dog therapy, and much more!

There When You Need Us

Our dog training service is ideal for everyone who has a canine companion exhibiting unruly behavior, excessive barking, pulling on the lead, or impulse control problems. Marj the Dog Trainer is here to help your pet friend transition from getting into mischief to getting into healthy habits regardless of its size, breed, or age. We are here for your neighbor’s dog, too!

What You Need to Know About Our Work Process

Our top priority is seeing progress in the dogs we work with and the satisfaction of our clients. We believe in rehabilitating aggressive or out of control dogs by utilizing humane methods that don’t scar your little friend but rather help it reach its full potential. Our team also help fearful puppies build the confidence they need to protect you and your household later on. Because of that, we design our training programs with a common sense approach and time-tested techniques to ensure all problems are addressed and resolved in time and with care.

Are you searching for a reputed dog training service in Tulsa, OK you can trust? For any questions, additional information or appointment requests — we are here to answer your calls! Your dog will thank you later!

All Breeds Welcome


Marj the Dog Trainer
Address: 4950 S 79th E Ave Tulsa, OK 74145
Phone: (918) 504-1764


We want your feedback!

by Angie F on Marj the Dog Trainer
Great Person and Trainer

I've been going to Marj for several years in the Advanced Classes. We've done stuff from Agility to rally to general obedience. Every time I go - I get to spend time with my dogs and I continue to learn and so do my dogs. 🙂 It's different and new stuff so that I and the dogs don't get bored. Marj is no-nonsense and practical approach is refreshing. I keep remembering that usually it's me messing the dog up - not the dog messing up. 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

by Minnie Mae on Marj the Dog Trainer
Great Fun

Great Training and Love the Agility work!

by R. Fields on Marj the Dog Trainer
Best Training Ever

Best Training Ever

by Carolyn C. Cardona on Marj the Dog Trainer
Thank You!

I will forever be indebted to this incredible trainer who worked with my dog. It used to be so angry and negative before I first brought it in for a session. It has made such an improvement ever since! Thank you!


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Marj the Dog Trainer
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